Become A Instructor

Become A Instructor

Become a driving Instructor

Looking for a new challenge? Want to be your own boss? Become a qualified driving instructor with a tailored training package to suit you. Our course includes- ADI part 1 ADI part 2 ADI part 3 We will not be beaten on price and uniquely NO FRANCHISE FEES

ADI PART 1-Theory Test & Hazard perception

Theory Test You will have 100 multiple questions. To pass the theory, you will need an overall score of at least 85 out of 100 Hazard perception you will be shown 14 video clips, with one of the clips having 2 hazards. You get 5 points for each developing Hazard. You need to score at least 57 points out of 75.

ADI PART 2-Driving Ability Test

You will need to demonstrate that you can drive at a high standard. The test lasts 1 hour. The test will include the following:
*Eyesight check
*Show me tell me (vehicle safety questions)
*General driving ability
* Monoverse
*Independent driving
(following sat nav or signs).
To pass this test, you are not allowed any more than 6 driver faults(minor).You are not allowed any serious or dangerous faults. You are only allowed 3 attempts at this test. We normally advise you to take 10 hours of training with one of our trainers to give you the best chance of passing on the first attempt.

ADI PART 3-Instructional Ability Test

We will give you 40 hours of training on how to teach, which is in line with the dvsa guidelines. After you have completed your 40 hours of training, you have 2 options: Option 1-Trainee License :
we will be your sponsor and apply for a trainee license and give you a further 20 hours of training before you take the part 3 test.
This option allows you to train real live learners (we supply you with learners) and gain valuable experience and earn at the same time.
We strongly recommend this option.
Option 2-Direct Adi Route:
After completing your training, you can go straight into a part 3 test.
The part 3 test lasts 45 minitues,where you can teach a learner or a full license holder and deliver a client centred lesson.
– The minimum pass mark is 31 out of 51.
– You are only allowed 3 attempts at this test,so we highly recommend option 1 to gain as much experience as possible before you take the part 3 test.
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